Things About the Holidays, Ranked

Eggnog comes in a variety of options.

Everything I love about the holidays, in order of how much I love them.

  1. Eggnog.
  2. Christmas lights, when viewed without glasses on.
  3. Holidays in Handcuffs, with Melissa Joan Heart and Mario Lopez.
  4.  Sufjan Stevens Christmas carols.
  5. Phil Spector’s Christmas album.
  6. My family’s annual Christmas Eve tradition of watching and disecting the dark heart of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
  7. Fake snow at The Grove.
  8. Explaining my theory that Macca’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” is basically a “Fuck you” to John Lennon’s “So, This is Christmas.” Also, that it is an abomination.
  9. Pre-flight Eggnog latte at LAX
  10. Chinese food on Christmas Eve.
  11. My Mom’s collection of light-up ice cube people. I don’t know how to describe this other than “they’re people, made to look like blocks of ice.” She has like twenty of them.
  12. Mistletoe. Awkward parties with mistletoe.
  13. Houses decorated in lights that are neither all white or multi-colored. Blue is best.
  14. Silver Bells, both the song and the objects.
  15. Those British cracker things you pop open.
  16. Mariah Carey.

What’s your list?

34 Weeks to Super Productivity

How to Be Productive

I’m really digging this infographic from Funders & Founders, but not sure how to implement it– other than to post it by your bathroom mirror every morning. What if I just focused on one item a week and worked to make it it a habit? At the end of 34 weeks, I would be the most productive person on the planet, right?

Which one do I start with, though?


Is “Terrible Things” the Next “Cards Against Humanity”?


I’m a party game kind of guy. Sure, you could have people over, make a few drinks and talk about the VMA’s and/or Syria, but evenings are more fun when you divide your friends into teams and make them compete against each other.
Billed as “the party game where everyone loses” and following in the footsteps of Cards Against Humanity, Terrible Things aims to turn your next social soiree into a reenactment of The Lord of the Flies. Continue reading…

Is Disney’s Secret Tomorrowland the Future of Entertainment?

The Tomorrowland Exhibit at D23

Over the past weekend, the D23 Expo (think Comic-Con for Disney nerds) hit the Anaheim Convention Center, angering fans and press alike by not announcing any new Disney projects, focusing instead on celebrating the 60th anniversary of Walt Disney Imagineering, the company’s division dedicated to “bringing the impossible to life.”

What’s funny is that while most people focused on the lack of Avatar, Marvel or Star Wars – related attraction announcements, most everyone missed out on the fact that Walt Disney Imagineering actually debuted a new “attraction” over the weekend – one designed specifically for convention guests.

Built around the upcoming Brad Bird movie Tomorrowland, this secret attraction featured rides, a story where you became the hero and interacted directly with characters and even included a souvenir for those who made it to the end of the ride.

It’s called The Optimist and I had a chance to experience it. Far more thrilling than any roller coaster, this new, albeit temporary, ride, not only hinted at what Disney’s thoughts are about the future of theme parks, but also gave me some great insights and inspiration on how these ideas can be applied to digital entertainment as well. Continue reading…